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Expert Curated

Dr. Know builds ongoing relationships with industry experts across specialties. Using our innovative toolkit, these experts maintain a growing library of up-to-date content so you can keep up with the pace of healthcare.

Content includes:

  • Structured Reports

  • Accreditation Support

  • Realtime Insights, AI, & Decision Intelligence

  • Integrated Outcomes Research

  • Coding Assistance (CPT, ICD-10, Quality Measures)

Runs Everywhere

Access the reporting experience and your patient records from any location with a basic Internet connection. Desktop, tablet, and mobile devices supported.

  • No special connections, firewalls, or VPNs required

  • Secure, convenient MFA experience

  • Automatic updates

  • Fully native desktop experience with blazing performance

  • Mobile companion experience available everywhere (iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and Web)

Get Started

Discover how we can unify your organization's reporting story, lower your costs, increase provider productivity, and deliver new business insights and opportunities.

Contact us for demos and discussions.

Measure Success

Track your success. Power BI dashboards deliver insights into your organization's productivity. Refreshed daily and accessible on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Lower Your Risk

Healthcare is complex. As a result, organizations often avoid innovation because of the potential for costly technical disruptions, the risk of data loss, and the fear of change.

Dr. Know is designed to work alone or alongside your existing IT investments. Our goal is to eliminate points of friction, easily connect with other vendors, and help everyone stand out.

Welcome to the future of healthcare. We are better together.


Dr. Know engineers are ready to assist with setup, training, and ongoing support. Ticket submission is built directly into the product for user convenience.

Our support center offers additional online documentation and training materials.

Our status dashboard keeps you informed of scheduled product updates, critical patches, and realtime resolution progress when technical outages occur.


Dr. Know is a leader in unified, provider documentation and healthcare research.

​We believe patient records are at the heart of healthcare and play a central role in unlocking efficiencies, innovations, and cost savings for everyone. Today, these records largely exist as unstructured documents that are difficult and costly to put both into the system and to leverage back out.

We offer a unified, structured reporting experience that fits alongside your existing EMR, PACS, and RIS investments. With a growing library of curated content, decision intelligence tools, and a suite of optional services, we can help unlock your patient records so you can benefit from their full potential.

The Experience

A unified, reporting experience, curated by industry experts, integrated with outcomes research, and tailored to you.
Run solo or pair with any imaging workstation for an advanced reading room experience.

Fits Your Flow

A shared report queue adapts to your workflow and moves reports efficiently from start to finish.

New reports are queued when orders are received. Technologists complete their portion of the report (per protocol) and mark the report ready for the reading provider. When a reading provider completes the report, it is instantly accessible in the patient's chart and automatically routed to configured 3rd party systems (i.e. your EMR, auto faxed to primary care providers, etc).

Efficient communication between technologists and reading providers is also supported.

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