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About Us


Dr. Know's mission is to unlock healthcare, enabling innovation and cost savings for everyone. We are located just outside of Nashville, TN and are a leader in unified, provider documentation, structured reporting, and healthcare research.

Healthcare is complicated. Private interests, security concerns, and regulations keep information locked up in independent, mostly static data silos. This information is unstructured and can't keep up with the pace of healthcare research, which changes daily. This reality stifles innovation and keeps costs high.


Our technology has been in clinical use for over 20 years. Through partnerships with Tennessee Heart & Vascular Institute and GE Healthcare, we have received extensive feedback from thousands of physicians worldwide on the topic of structured reporting and how it can be effectively applied in healthcare.

We have developed a modern, innovative toolkit for subject matter experts (SMEs) to build and maintain a growing library of content offered within Dr. Know's products and services. We continue to seek and form new relationships with industry experts. With the help of our tools, these experts are building a better system for this central area of healthcare.

Track Record

Clinical Experience

  • Clinical use > 20 years

  • Extensive experience in Cardiology and Radiology

  • Feedback from thousands of providers

Research Experience

  • 50+ major publications (e.g. NEJM, JACC)

  • Major textbook chapters

We believe patient records are at the heart of healthcare and are the key to unlocking efficiencies, innovations, and cost savings for everyone. But to do so, this pillar of healthcare must be realigned to embrace change, lower risk, lower costs, and play nicely with existing IT investments. This is our area of focus.

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Discover how we can unify your organization's reporting story, lower your costs, increase provider productivity, and deliver new business insights and opportunities.

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