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Dr. Know's mission is to unlock healthcare, enabling innovation and cost savings for everyone. As such, we are always interested in building partnerships with other organizations and individuals that share these same goals.

Learn more about our partnership opportunities below.

We believe we are better together.

White Label

For vendors seeking to enhance or extend their products with advanced reporting solutions, we can help.

Offer Dr. Know solutions with your own branding attached. Our team works behind the scenes, for your customers, as an extension of your own company.

We would love to help you grow this part of your business.

Contact us to discuss your business model and explore opportunities.


All of Dr. Know's products and services are built using our open, cross platform API.

If your organization is interested in developing a deeper integration with Dr. Know's products and services, contact us to discuss your project and register for a developer license. We are passionate about helping others succeed in building innovative healthcare solutions.

Pricing: Contact us to discuss your project.

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