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Dr. Know maintains ongoing relationships with industry experts. With the help of our tools, this expert community is building a library of content that is revolutionizing healthcare.

Expert content is regularly updated and always accessible to Dr. Know subscribers without the need for manual software updates.

Learn more about this content, our toolkit, and how to become a curator below.


The key ingredients to the Dr. Know curation story are: avatars, needles, and apps.

An avatar is a digital representation of any person, place, or thing. They are programs that run silently in the cloud on behalf of their real-world counterparts. They can store pieces of information (aka needles) in their memory. With expert curated enhancements, they can fetch, filter, organize, and synthesize this information from multiple sources and deliver new insights and notifications.

Needles are individual data elements that experts designate as the most widely useful from the much larger world of 'big data' haystacks. Dr. Know's community of industry experts continuously maintain a curated catalog of these needles from all industries (healthcare and beyond). Needles are then leveraged by apps in all sorts of creative ways.

Apps are generic containers that include a range of optional enhancements, including: user experiences (UXs), artificial intelligence (via Javascript, models, etc), reporting language, and much more. Apps are the lifeblood of avatars and are used throughout our products, services, and partner integrations.

Get Started

Discover how we can unify your organization's reporting story, lower your costs, increase provider productivity, and deliver new business insights and opportunities.

Contact us for demos and discussions.


Use the Dr. Know simulator to test and troubleshoot your apps.

The development process is straightforward and optimized for dual screens. Develop your apps on one screen using App Builder and test them on another using Dr. Know's built-in simulator.

For curators timid about scripting (not required), you can make life even easier by loading our pre-defined script templates into an Elgato Stream Deck device (not included).

Learn more about app simulation at our online Support Center.

Build Apps

App Builder is the tool used by curators to build apps.

Unleash your creativity with few restrictions with this fun content creation tool. When ready, publish your creations to the Dr. Know community. Updates are transparent and immediate. Finally, you have a tool that can keep up with the pace of healthcare.

  • Create structured reports

  • Capture data using curated needles and custom inputs

  • Build dynamic user experiences

  • Define elegant, non-robotic, reporting language

  • Add sophisticated intelligence using Javascript and the powerful app runtime

  • Add integrated plots and data analytics

  • Create decision support insights

  • Integrate outcomes research

  • Associate data elements to billing requirements

  • Communicate with backend 3rd party services and research databases

  • And much, much more ...

Learn more about developing apps at our online Support Center.


If you're an expert in your field and interested in developing clinical content for the Dr. Know platform, we would love to talk with you.

Contact us to learn more about this exciting project.

The Pace of Healthcare

Dr. Know experts continuously keep our clinical content up-to-date with the latest industry guidelines, standards, regulatory requirements, outcomes research, and new developments.

Users can customize this curated content to meet their individual needs.

The chart below shows a typical 6-month cadence demonstrating our commitment to keeping up with industry change.

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