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Once your business is capturing data with Dr. Know's reporting solution, you're in a position to leverage this data to unlock powerful new capabilities with our growing suite of addon services.

All services are managed using the Dr. Know Admin app and are hosted in Microsoft Azure's secure cloud computing environment. Pricing is based on usage and automatic topoffs help balance a fixed budget and only paying for what you use.

Learn more about these services below.


An avatar is a digital representation of a person, place, or thing. They run silently in the background on behalf of their real-world counterparts. With expert curated enhancements, they can fetch, filter, organize, and synthesize information from multiple sources and deliver new insights and notifications.

By default, all patients and providers have an avatar, enabling individualized insights and experiences. This is how Dr. Know delivers a mobilized information exchange between organizations. Avatars are the backbone of the Dr. Know platform.

Pricing: Included with your Dr. Know subscription at no additional cost.


Dr. Know's community of industry experts maintain a curated catalog of the most useful data points from all industries - needles from the world's haystacks ('big data') of information.

Datasets allow you to define focused samples (groups of needles) to collect on your own patients, in realtime, as new data is captured. Samples are stored in tables that can be downloaded for post analysis and research.

Pricing: Per sample (1 sample = up to 25 data points)

Multi-Site Research / Clinical Trials

Dr. Know offers a toolkit for assisting multi-site clinical research efforts.

Powered by the datasets service, multi-site research datasets allow you to collect samples from multiple locations into a single, unified dataset.

Pricing: Per sample (1 sample = up to 100 data points)

Data Registries

Powered by the datasets service, collect data that conforms to industry-specific data registries that your organization can use for research involvement or submission for qualification of benefits. Contact us if the data registry you need is not currently available.

Pricing: Pricing is based on the datasets service. No additional charges are incurred.


Patterns enable both good business and good medicine. They look for patterns in your data and notify you when matches are found. Identify new business opportunities while keeping better track of patient health.

Use curated data points (aka. needles) and simple logic to define matching criteria that runs when reports are completed. When matches are found, notifications are sent to Teams - the communications solution included with your Dr. Know subscription. Webhook notifications are also supported.

Pricing: Per execution (1 execution = maximum of 10 seconds in duration)

Get Started

Discover how we can unify your organization's reporting story, lower your costs, increase provider productivity, and deliver new business insights and opportunities.

Contact us for demos and discussions.


Scan or import external, unstructured documents into patient charts. Capture actionable data points manually using curated apps, or automatically using the extractions service. In accordance with HIPAA, documents are retained for up to six years. Works with popular document scanners.

Supported Document Types: PDF, Word, DICOM, PNG, JPG, and more

Pricing: Per document (1 document = up to 5 MB in storage for up to 6 years)


Auto fax reports to referring providers when completed. Manage failed faxes inside Teams - the communications solution included with your Dr. Know subscription. Records can also be faxed manually from inside patient charts.

Pricing: Per faxed page


Automatically or manually extract insights from unstructured, imported documents. Use these insights to summarize records, import lab results, and more. Several algorithms are available to focus and fine tune the extraction process. Leverages the latest OCR technology.

Pricing: Per extraction (1 extraction = up to 500 extracted lines)

Audits & Investigations

When disputes occur, management needs answers. Traditionally, products capture pre-programmed user activities that can later be queried by management, using basic reporting. However, questions are often left unanswered when there are gaps in the information that was captured. But what if you could capture everything, enabling you to see the whole story?

The audits service captures a rolling 180-day log of every data packet that flows through the system. An insights and intelligence tool helps you focus, explore, and analyze this haystack of information with ease, allowing you to get the precise answers you need with confidence.

Pricing: Per 1,000 data packets


Help protect yourself, your staff, and your patients by seeing patients remotely from the comfort of their home. Also provides a convenient option for many follow-up scenarios, post-pandemic.

Enjoy hassle free, high quality, HIPAA compliant video and audio sessions. Send appointment reminders and quick connect links for patient convenience. Reports reflect accurate session times and language for optimized reimbursement.

Pricing: Per time block (1 time block = up to 15 minutes in duration)

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